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High Standards Of Service Above All

Ø      Having a good shopping experience means access to good quality jewellery, smooth payment experience and swift delivery.

Ø      We at Barsey Jewellery strive to provide a high standard of service and aim to have you return again to us.

Ø      Call us on or email us, we are always happy to help. Contact Us


100% Secure Shopping

Ø      We don’t store or view your debit/credit card details in any of our systems.

Ø      We are a London, UK based Limited company

Ø For more details refer to our Secure Payment Page 


30 Day Returns

Ø      Return your jewellery within 30 days for a full refund, some exclusions apply:

    o        The jewellery is not engraved, bespoke or resized.

    o        The jewellery is in its original, perfect state and has not been tempered

    o        The jewellery is returned within 30 days of the delivery date.

    o        For health and safety reasons, pierced jewellery, such as earrings and nose studs cannot be returned for a refund.


UK Assay Hallmarked

Ø      Tested and stamped in the UK.


Conflict Free Diamonds

Ø      All diamonds we sell are from conflict free suppliers.


Certified Diamonds

Ø      To receive a diamond report certificate:

    o        at least one of the diamonds in your item must weigh 0.25ct+ and be graded G colour or better or 

    o        of colour grades H or I and at least one diamond must weigh0.30ct+.

Ø      Diamonds that fall outside these criteria will not have a certificate issued. For example an eternity ring with 20 stones where each stone is small will not have a diamond certificate due to the size of the diamonds being too small. This is standard across the industry, as diamonds of this size are never certified individually.


Free Delivery and Luxury Packaging

Ø     Free UK Delivery on all items over £50 and Free Luxury packaging on all items, means you only pay for what you order and no additional costs.

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